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One module : square, 3-stage telescope [ Si-strip, SiLi, CsI]

Physics of the detector

Type of experiment:  Direct reactions induced by radioactive beams on p- and d-rich targets; Use in experiment as main device for measurement of  the kinematics of light charged particles (LCP) p,d,t, 3,4,6,8He,Li,Be; protons up to 90 MeV

Observables : Particle identification, Excitation spectra, angular distributions

Typical implantation of the detector reaction chamber (at 15 to 50 cm from target).

REFERENCE :  E.C Pollacco and the MUST2 collab EPJA 25, 287 (2005)


Information on MUST2 Si DSSD

Manufacturer             Micron S2

DSSD strip detectors


how many, when purchased

6 in 2003

First test of 1 complete module

March 2004

full  cost detection+electronics :15kEuros

            with cooling box: 6 kEuros  [CsI: 5kEuros]

Unit cost total (2013) for one DSSD


first used [whole device]


MUST2 Collaboration


Number of weeks per year [use] preparation + data taking                                              6 to 12 weeks

Next campaigns

Fall 2013

SPhN contribution %


person in charge (SPhN)

Detector details

Maximum energy

45 MeV

Power consumption

28 mW/channel

Capacitance of detector

65 pF

Resistivity : n-type low resistivity

~ 6 kOhm. Cm

Rf  block in // with 3pF Cf


thickness (microns)


dimension in mm

100 by 100 mm2

x and y strips 

 for 128 x, 128 y


E and Time measurement for each strip

ASIC chip  "MATE" [16 strips] from SEDI

  MUST2 Time & energy  

entrance window thickness material                                                               Al layer on strips: 400nm

ASIC polarization voltage

                       +/- 2.5 V, +/- 5 V,   and 3.3V, +10V

depletion voltage

Vb ~30 to 40 V

operating voltage

2*Vb; from 60 to 80 V

energy resolution [for 5.5MeV alphas]

40 keV FWHM 

Rise time at 2 Vb [for 5.5MeV alphas]

  below 8 nsec (10 to 90%)

Time resolution [for 5.5MeV alphas]

250 ps FWHM

 DC current, Si detector   20nA [250nA max]

 Si(Li) stage -  voltage ~   600V         ; CsI stage -    voltage   ~ 50 V

 OPERATION : cooled  [~ - 5°C] ;  Under Vacuum (at ~4. 10-6 mbar)


 8 detectors in working conditions in 2013, 2014: additional 2 spare modules/equipment


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