MUST2 WORKSHOP 4-5 June 2015

Location:  CEA-Saclay, Orme des Merisiers b703  room45 (SPhN ground floor) /b709  room

The results obtained these last years at GANIL will be presented in the first session. On Thursday afternoon, physicists having recently performed a MUST2 analysis will present talks. This session will be followed by discussions about the next foreseen program at GANIL, using the "MUGAST"  configuration including MUST2 modules. The contributors willing to present prospective are welcomed. The detailed program is indicated below.

To be registered as member of the collaboration in the mailing list: mailto the MUST2 steering committee (see the collaboration page).

If you wish to participate or to contribute, please contact the local organizers of the workshop (IPNO and SPhN physicists of the steering committee).  Talks: in English or French, slides in English.


Outline of the program Thrusday 4th -Friday 5th JUNE 

~~summary of the past campaigns and evolution ~~

Session 1 04/06 MORNING
 9h30-12h30 b703 room 45


Session 2 04/06 AFTERNOON
14h30-19h00 b703 room 45


Session 3 05/06 MORNING
9h-12h  b709 room 3



10h Introduction

- (15'+5')  The studies of the interplay between nucleon correlations and asymmetry,             F. Flavigny    pdf

- (15'+5')  Revisit of unbound 12O via (p,t) reaction, D. Suzuki   pdf

- (15'+5')   The spectroscopic results on the unbound 10He   pdf


11h40 The studies of shell effects and shell gaps 

- (15'+5')  Where is the companion of the 391 keV in the measured 61Fe gamma-ray spectrum?                      F. Hammache   pdf

-(15'+5') Structure à N=40, étude de 68Ni(d,p),  D. Beaumel   pdf

Analyse et résultats des campagnes    2013-2014

(25'+5') Exp E655S (VAMOS),  Corrélations nucléaires en fonction de l'asymétrie p-n via 18Ne(d,t) et (d,3He),  M. Sénoville  pdf

(25'+5') Exp. E644 (LISE), L'appariement n-p à la lumière des résultats sur deuton, B. Le Crom  pdf

(15'+5') Status-evolution of the MUST2 array, E. Pollacco    pdf

15h30 PAUSE-Discussions  (20')


(25’+10) (plans at Catania LNS and at GANIL)  Perspectives and challenges on dynamics and correlation measurements  @ LNS and  @ LISE,   G. Verde  pdf

 (15’+5) (HIE ISOLDE) Comparaison MUST2-EXOGAM et T-REX-MiniBall,     F. Flavigny   pdf

(15+5’) Programs and set-up at GANIL using MUGAST (MUST2-GASPARD-AGATA-TRACE combined devices at VAMOS),  M. Assié  pdf

 Discussions (CP steering committee+ project spokespersons)

- Status of the MUST2 equipment for stand-alone mode use and transportation to other facilities.

-Status of the on-going analysis and draft articles.


Plans for possible campaigns at:

- LNS Catania (cluster correlations)

- HIE-ISOLDE for shell effects via direct (d,p) reactions.





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