MUST2 collaboration

MUST2 contacts  (Contact the committee to be registered as a member of the collaboration).

Steering committee (since 2012) (coMust2):

Yorick Blumenfeld, (CNRS IN2P3 IPNO) (chair); Fairouz Hammache (IPNO);

Emmanuel Pollacco (CEA, IRFU, SPhN); Valérie Lapoux (CEA, IRFU, SPhN);

Laurent Ménager GANIL ; Olivier Sorlin GANIL ; Abdou Chbihi GANIL

GANIL technical coordinator  Laurent Ménager

Contact DAQ MUVI see GANIL GAP (Groupe Acquisition pour la Physique):

Charles Houarner, Gregory Lebertre, Luc Légeard, Bruno Raine, Frédéric Saillant, Michel Tripon

Control command for MUST2 power supply (Panorama):  Jacques Cacitti

Contact Mechanics MUST2 see IPNO R&D detectors:  Philippe Rosier, Emmanuel Rindel

MUST2 collaboration list of physicists by institutes

CEA IRFU/SPhN (mail to: at (Nuclear structure group in the LENA laboratory)

Lolly Pollacco  (coMust2) SPhN Contact ASIC MUST2, Valérie Lapoux  (coMust2, Web)

Antoine Drouart (BTD), Anna-Maria Corsi, Alain Gillibert, Alexandre Obertelli 


CNRS IN2P3 IPNO (mail to: at (NESTER group)

Yorick Blumenfeld (coMust2), Fairouz Hammache (coMust2)

Didier Beaumel, Marlène Assié, Freddy Flavigny, Serge Franchoo

Jacques Guillot, Benjamin Lecrom, Nicolas de Séréville, Iulan Stefan, Daisuke Suzuki


GANIL (mail to: at

Olivier Sorlin (coMust2), Abdelouahad Chbihi (coMust2), Thomas Roger, Marine Vandebrouck 








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